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Zimbabwe's Most popular sites

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls was formed where the Zambezi drops 100m into a narrow gorge. The falls release over 5 million cubic metres of water over the falls per minute. You can hear the roar and see the spray of this immense waterfall rising up towards the sky as you approach from the road...

Hwange National Park
With an area of 14,600kmĀ², Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe's largest game park. It borders Botswana. Because of its enormous size it has a variety of features which range from a semi desert scrub on the edge of the Kalahari in the South, forests, granite hills and various game and vegetation...

Matusadona National Park
Lake Kariba which is one of the world's greatest man-made lakes was created as a result of the floods from the Kariba Dam in the late 1950s. Matusadona National Park was created because of the variety of game that was on the island and the southern shore. Around this shoreline are some excellent safari lodges, offering walks and drives, as well as boat and canoe trips to explore the lake's inlets and creeks. The lake is a superb place to watch the sunset, with the Matusadona Mountains in the background making for an excellent photo opportunity...

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